IT Projects:

  1. Planmakers Educational Consultancy ( (in CodeIgntior with Mysql)

  2. codeIgnitor and MySql)

  3. Multilingual site in CodeIgnitor and Mysql)

  4. (Live lowest auction site, Multilingual and language can be changed by site administrator). Developed in PHP,MySql and Highly used Ajax, Jquery and Prototype JS.

  5. WIIBID ( Lowest Unique auctions site.

  6. Smallbidz(, Lowest Unique auctions site, Freelancing work.

  7. currently in charge of redeveloping the national portal for the IPI Nepal community. Developed with PHP and MySql. Dreamweaver. [Contract work].

  8. Responsible Development of the lowest unique bidding site. Developed using PHP, My-sql, Javascript, Ajax.

  9. Responsible Development of lowest unique bidding site.

  10. updated some wrok in wordpress build site.

  11., a job and consultancy site.

  12. College Alumni site(

  13. . Freelance site to bid job. Developed using PHP, MYsql, Ajax, and JavaScript.

  14. Rastriya Samachar Samiti website(

  15. Norwegian e-commerce (ready to lunch)

  16. College Management Information System. [Final year project, developed in .NET and Ms-sql)

  17. Solitaire [Design in Java- as Minor project ]

Projects In pipeline:

  1. (Job site developed in CodeIgntior ,mySql)

  2. EKU, Alumni student association.[] Developed with PHP and MySql. Dreamweaver. [Contract work].

  3. []German affiliate programming site. Developed using Smarty, PHP, Mysql, Ajax, Javascript.


My Personal Sites:


  2. My personal Blog: